Restaurant and Nightclub Consultants

Whatever your position in the food and beverage industry, we've got your solution. Whether you're looking to open a new restaurant, sports bar or nightclub - or trying to rebuild a failing establishment - we can help. Nightclub Factory specializes in revitalizing failing bars and restaurants throughout Florida. Our experienced consultants have consistantly proven their ability to evaluate the market and promote profitable concepts to a specific target audience, most of the time with no upfront fees. Management services available. Want to buy or sell? We've got you covered.

Menu Planning - Simplifying Costs

More isn't always better... Keeping your menu smaller has many benefits. Large menus can be confusing, and usually indicate a lack of...

Your Staff Can Make You Or Break You

Employee morale can make or break your venture. We have all seen poor service, but poor attitudes are a sure way to chase business...

Article of the Month

Due Diligence 101:
So, you have a great idea for a new restaurant... You've got some cash together... You found the perfect location... But are you really ready to move forward? Chances are good that you aren't. 8 of 10 new restaurant and bar ventures fail in the first 10 months of operation. Usually due to a lack of planning. Research is the one thing you just cannot spend enough time on.

Restaurant and Bar Resources


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